Robert Breer


NB : Dans la vidéo suivante le mouvement des « Floats » est accéléré. Ces sculptures se déplacent très lentement, en fait



Hurray for a formless film, a non-literary, non musical, picture film that doesn’t tell a story, become an abstract dance, or deliver a message. A film with no escape from the pictures. A film where words are pictures or sounds and skip around the way that thoughts do.
[…] A film that looks like the man who made it. -Robert Breer (extract from Robert Breer. A to Z, Light Cone, Paris 2018)

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Starting to make sculptures had a workshop satisfaction that film-making didn’t. It got me involved in the world of switches, wheels, electricity. It made me feel good. I could even listen to the radio when I worked. And I got high on the idea that when I was through with them, these things had their own autonomy.
Bob Rauschenberg, who did buy a bunch of them, was worried that his dog would take after them, but his dog never showed any interest at all. There were some junior high kids who used to come to the gallery after school. They’d lie down on the floor of the gallery and wait until the floats would nudge up to them. Those kids understood that the floats were atmospheric, which was the point as far as I’m concerned.
-Robert Breer (extract from Robert Breer. A to Z, Light Cone, Paris 2018)